Hi, I’m Nenad Kaevik

A creative mind, techie and a dreamer based in Macedonia whose life revolves around technology, design and art. I believe in the importance of simplicity and effective design. I love creating stuff and innovate through software. Throughout my carreer I’ve gained significant experience in numerous fields.

Primarly I work as a web developer with an extended knowledge in the current trending tech stacks such as Javascript and It’s renowned frameworks like React, Vue and Angular. I also have experience in user interface design which covers the whole process from design to implementation. I love to design modern, simplistic and seamless user interfaces thus giving great attention to details and aesthetics.

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My areas of expertise

I love and enjoy working with one of these. What would you choose? Someone who does it for money, or someone who does it with passion?

Web Development

Hyperfast, responsive and business first web apps using the cutting edge tech stacks

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UI Design

My designs only recognize modern, simple and seamless UIs with great attention to details

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Logo Design

A perfection in each curve to make your business stand out among your competition

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